“David Lee White’s “Blood: A Comedy” couldn’t be cleverer as it deals with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, a soap-opera-style family shocker and reflections on the existence of God.” – Anita Gates, The New York Times

“On opening night, much of the audience had a rollickingly good time as outrage was piled on outrage. David Lee White is an equal-opportunity insulter of the human condition.” – Peter Filichia, New Jersey Star Ledger

“…a hilariously funny play (for the open-minded) that could easily make the transition to Broadway without the slightest alteration. A four star entertainment.” – Rick Busciglio, NJ Theater Examiner

“White’s prodigious gift for gabs and gags makes him a 21st Century Neil Simon.” – Peter Filichia, NJ Star-Ledger

FRIENDLY FIRE Damon Bonetti and Charlotte Northeast in “Blood: A Comedy” at the Mill Hill Playhouse. Photo by Matt Pilsner


(full length, 3 M 2 W)

Jacqueline Stanzi is a college professor, a lifelong atheist and the matriarch of a family that includes a snarky bi-sexual son who runs porn websites and a promiscuous daughter engaged to a born-again Christian. Jacqueline is also battling dementia and has recently been relieved of her duties at the college for teaching intelligent design in a biology class. On the eve of her daughter’s wedding, Jacqueline decides that what her family really needs is a good old-fashioned healthy dose of religion. It’s just too bad that she has absolutely no knowledge of how to make that happen. Or does she? As the evening wears on, memories of a secret past come to light, forcing the siblings to reassess their past, as well as the future of their family.

Produced by Passage Theatre (2009) and Dreamcatcher Rep (2012)

Directed by Adam Immerwahr (Passage) and Laura Ekstrand (Dreamcatcher)

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Jessica O’Hara-Baker and David Micelli in BLOOD: A COMEDY
David Micelli, Noreen Farley, Jessica O’Hara-Baker, Clark Carmichael and F. David Halpert in BLOOD: A COMEDY at Dreamcatcher Rep.