Time Freaks

TIME FREAKS is a play geared toward weird high school kids and their weird teachers. It can be cast with anywhere from 12-30 actors. Oh! And it’s a comedy. You can read it on NPX here.

Dubs and Kale are lifelong friends about to graduate from high school. When Dubs blows his only line in the school play (thus causing him endless amounts of humiliation) Kale uses her grandfather’s magic watch to take them back in time to correct Dubs’ screw up. Unfortunately, they run afoul of doppelgangers, cavemen, a crazy drama teacher, a cringey principal and the laws of time and space. When the watch breaks, time begins to fold in on itself and Dubs and Kale have to straighten it out before they blink out of existence. “Time Freaks” is a play about accepting yourself no matter how many times you mess up the space-time continuum.