Rocket Sex Magic

Based on the true story of rocket scientist Jack Parsons, ROCKET SEX MAGIC has been workshopped at Writer’s Theatre of New Jersey and will receive further development at Bristol Riverside Theatre in 2022. You can download and read the play at NPX here or read it in the Broad Street Review here.

4M, 3W

In 1947, Jack Parsons came up with a plan to change the world using rocketships, ancient sorcery and group sex.

It worked.

Windom (Winnie) Wayland is a psychoanalyst living on a desert military base near Pasadena, California with his wife Betty. He struggles with marital strife, a suicidal patient, and the desire to live a more “normal” life. His world is turned upside-down when the military asks him to evaluate Jack Parsons – a rocket scientist with dreams of space travel who his responsible for some major technological breakthroughs. After his first meeting with Parsons, Winnie is whisked away into a world of the occult, mysterious phenomena, and sexual promiscuity that threatens to redefine the world he thought he knew.