““With his new play, “Fixed,” David Lee White is aiming to write effectively and believably about mental illness. I’m no expert, but this story rings true.” – Anthony Stoeckert, Princeton Packet

“While Fixed doesn’t shy away from the ugliness and messiness of mental illness, White’s story is ultimately positive, stressing the importance of caring people who can intercede for the mentally ill. Alone, they face a bureaucratic abyss, but with supportive friends, Ronnie’s tale shows, they might have a chance.” – Mark Cofta, The Broadstreet Review

“…we also venture regularly inside Ronnie’s fractured mind for a dramatized glimpse of her delusions. It is an inventive technique that makes “Fixed” an intriguing and at times compelling portrait of mental illness and its repercussions……at the center of this play remains a unique, creative glimpse into a too often unexplored realm of the mind.” – Patrick Maley, NJ Advanced Media

“Valerie, Ronnie, and Darryl are three high school friends in Trenton. Ronnie and Valerie are “drama geeks,” Darryl a sensitive jock. Ronnie is the glue: Played with wild gusto by Maria Konstantinidis, she’s magnetic, the leader in charge of vision and mischief. I like these three. We get their oddfellows-club friendship, readily accept the sexual ambiguities.” – John Timpane, Philadelphia Inquirer 

Maria Konstantinidis and Alicia Rivas in FIXED at Passage Theatre. Directed by Maureen Heffernan


3W, 1M

What would you sacrifice for the people you love?

Ronnie doesn’t want help. Valerie and Daryl don’t want to reunite. But high school vows bind pretty tightly. Broken promises and dark humor fill David Lee White’s new play about friendship, mental illness, and facing the truth.

*Fixed was originally commissioned by the NJPAC Stage Exchange, a program of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center – John Schreiber, President & CEO*

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