The OK Trenton Project

“The OK Trenton Project emerges as a moving cautionary tale of how perception—and the need to shape that perception into a narrative—warp reality and overwhelm good intentions.” – Allen Neuner, Out in Jersey

“White, Bradford, and their collaborative team seek to find out the who, what, where, when of the event beyond the hyperbolic headlines. In that, the play stands as a superlative work of investigative journalism.” – Tony Penino, The Modernist Beat

“The OK Trenton Project is a sculpture of sorts. Playwrights David Lee White and Richard Bradford have crafted the piece from verbatim comments from interviews conducted by a team of local performing and visual artists. The play gives a voice to diverse viewpoints… The play cogently explores a number of complex issues. These include racism — specifically, how decisions made by institutions and government officials affect underserved communities; the effects of social media on our discourse; and who gets to decide where to place art, and remove it. …The OK Trenton Project is a compelling collage of viewpoints — a work of art about art (and artists’ contributions to, and place in, contemporary culture)” – David H. Sanborn III, Town Topics

The OK Trenton Project, Passage Theatre, Feb. 2022. From L to R, Rich Bradford and Wendi Smith. Photograph by Jeff Stewart Photography, @mindfirexl, @jotisphoto

The OK Trenton Project at Passage Theatre was a verbatim piece that traces the story of a sculpture that was removed from Perry Street by police in 2017, and what it means to the past and future of Trenton. The script was co-written by David Lee White, Rich Bradford and the ensemble. The ensemble consisted of five actors, playing multiple roles. The production was directed by Ryanne Dominques. For more information, click here.

The OK Trenton Project, Passage Theatre, Feb. 2022. From T to B, Molly Casey Chapman and Carmen Esperanza-Emanuel Castillo. Photograph by Jeff Stewart Photography, @mindfirexl, @jotisphoto