An early victim of the pandemic shut-downs, the production of WAYS TO BE HAPPY was ultimately given a stellar audio production (recorded via Zoom) by the good folks at Vivid Stage (formerly Dreamcatcher Rep). Listen to the mp3 recording here. The production was directed by Laura Ekstrand with sound design by Jeff Knapp. You can download and read the play on my NPX page here.

4M, 3W

Several years after the country falls under the sway of criminal corruption, Maddie (a former activist turned convenience store clerk) finds herself stuck in her dead-end job, without hope and unable to move forward. When a gun-toting convenience store burglar convinces her to embrace the new America and turn to crime, Maddie embarks on a surreal journey involving a punk rocker, an philandering academic, a former child actor and a man in a giant penguin suit. WAYS TO BE HAPPY is a post-Trumpian comedy about rediscovering hope when you’re surrounded by insanity.