EAVESDROPPING ON STRANGERS – At the used record store

(At a used record store in Philly. She’s behind the counter.)

MAN: I can’t believe he gave you poetry.

WOMAN: Like a whole book of poetry.

MAN: Wait…that he wrote?

WOMAN: No, no. In a book. He gave me a whole bunch of things.

MAN: Still…

WOMAN: Then I found…I don’t know if I should…

MAN: What?

WOMAN: He gave me this too.

MAN: Wha…? Holy… HA! He gave you that?

WOMAN: Totally.

MAN: Oh my God! That’s disgusting.

WOMAN: Look at this part.


WOMAN: I know, right?

MAN: I would feel weird just carrying that around!

WOMAN: It is weird. But it’s totally not weird if you know him.

MAN: That’s not weird??? That’s totally weird!

WOMAN: No, it IS weird. I’m saying… if anyone else gave me this, I’d be like… but he’s so funny that I just didn’t take it seriously. Like if Terry gave it to me –

MAN: Now HE is weird.

WOMAN: Totally fucking weird. I mean I like him. He’s cool. I would totally hang out with him. But if he gave me this that would be TOTALLY weird.

MAN: You should put it on display in the store.

WOMAN: I know, right?

MAN:  Can you imagine? Kate comes down one day –

WOMAN: Oh my God.

MAN: There’s, like, a whole bunch of them on a table in the center of the store.

WOMAN: HAHAHA! Holy. Shit.

MAN: So are you gonna keep it?

WOMAN: God, no.

MAN: What are you going to do with it?

WOMAN: I’ll probably trade it to Sticky Steve.

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