My local supermarket

This is exactly what the in-store muzac at my local supermarket sounds like –

“Boop boop shoop shoop! Who put the moop moop in the bow bow dippy dippy boooooow!

“That was DIPPY DIPPY MOW MOW by the Dippies! Attention shopper! Welcome to Shop-Rite! You’re a shopper who loves to shop! And shopping shoppers at Shop-rite love deals for shopping! Deals and shoppers and Shop-rite make good shopping, shoppers! You are a shopper! Shopping and deals today, money shopper equals SAVINGS! Special deals for shoppers you want while you shop! At Shop-rite, deals and savings and DEALS for shopping make shoppers and deals happy, Shop-rite shopper deals! SAVINGS!

“Enjoy being a shopper! Now let’s listen to MOP MOP DIDDY MOP by the Mops!”

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