How to contact me & Other people you should know

If you need me, I can be reached via email or phone. or (609) 577-2408

While you’re waiting for a response from me, check out the work of the people below…

There are lots of people that I work with and/or have coffee with or am related to. I’ve listed them alphabetically so no one gets jealous. You should look at their pages.

Kate Brennan – Muli-talented actress, singer, songwriter, teacher, composer – Good God, calm down Brennan.

Chadwick & Spector – Laura Spector is my sister in-law. She works with Chadwick. I don’t know the rest of his name. But they’re awesome. She paints things on his body. It’s hard to explain. Just look.

Sarah Donner – Indie singer/songwriter cat-adopter. Her music is dreamy and her hair is pink. She is also my collaborator on the musical LIVE STREAM. You should listen to her music.

Adam Immerwahr – Adam has directed many, many, MANY of my plays. He’s the Associate Artistic Director at McCarter Theatre. He’s an amazing director. Go see his plays, then hire him to direct yours.

Laughing Stock – The classic, beloved comedy troupe from the late-80s and early 90s. Classic. Beloved. Here is a youtube channel with hours and hours of vintage material. I still look exactly the same.

Life in a Bookstore – Classics is the best used bookstore in New Jersey and it’s right in the heart of downtown Trenton. Check out the blog, then check out the store!

Kathryn Miller-Haines – Kathy writes mystery novels, both for adults and young adults. She loves World War II. I mean she LOVES it. She also reads everything I write before you do.

Passage Theatre – This is where I work. I run the education programs and the Passage Play Lab. I also work on my website when my co-workers aren’t watching.

Allison Trimarco – Not only is she my wife, she’s the founder of Creative Capacity. She can take your already awesome nonprofit and turn it into an even better, even more awesome nonprofit. Check it out.

Lauren Weedman – You know Lauren because she’s on all those cable shows cavorting about with hot gay men. But you SHOULD know her because of her astonishing and hilarious solo shows. She might be the greatest solo performer ever. Seriously.

Bradley Dean Whyte – This is my brother. He’s a singer/songwriter. His music will blow your mind.

Yendor Productions – Yendor is the brainchild of Newark actor/director Rodney Gilbert, one of the prolific and effective socially-conscious artists working in New Jersey. His programs have changed the lives of urban youth all over the state.

Ignition Arts – The brainchild of Actor/Producers Greg DeCandia and Kate Brennan, Ignition Arts is currently based in Oklahoma City and has presented and produced theatrical work in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Guatemala.