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fantomasus01 FANTOMAS IN AMERICA – A good, old-fashioned adventure novel about the famous Parisian criminal’s exploits in New York City at the turn of the 20th Century. Available at Amazon and

“White spins a tense, fantastic tale of the master criminal’s latest exploits and the efforts to stop him while exploring the political issues of a vividly rendered, turn-of-the-century New York.” – Kathryn Miller Haines, Author (This Girl Is Murder, The War Against Miss Winter)
“…FANTOMAS IN AMERICA as pertinent a non-fiction purchase for devotes of silent film fantasy as it surely is as a bold continuation of a wonderful literary tradition.– Tim Lucas, VideoWatchblog
“This is a contemporary rethink of a classic property that outshines the original while paying loving homage to it–just as the TV reboots of DOCTOR WHO or BATTLESTAR GALACTICA have done to their parent inspirations.  If you have even a passing fancy for the pulp literature that gave us Fantomas, Arsene Lupin, Rocambole, Dr Mabuse, and the other great mystery characters of the early 20th century, then this book needs to be in your collection.”  – David Kalat, Author (The Strange Case of Dr. Mabuse)
“What author David White has done – taking fragments of a lost movie serial featuring an obscure (to many modern readers) literary figure and pumping it to bursting with fresh, hot, adrenaline-infused blood – is nothing short of a miracle.” – Aaron Christensen, aka Dr. AC, Author (Horror 101 & Hidden Horror)
“A brilliant expansion of elements from the long lost 1920 serial rendered in the style of vintage Collier yarns of the early 20th Century.”  -William Patrick Maynard, Author (Terror of Fu Manchu & Destiny of Fu Manchu)