The Infinity Trilogy

The Infinity Trilogy is a series of YA musicals co-created with composer Kate Brennan that includes the shows ALiEN8, CLEAN SLATE and ILLUMINATE. They have been created in partnership with the McCarter Theater Education Program, Ignition Arts, Drexel University, Passage Theatre and the MAP Fund. For more information, go to the INFINITY TRILOGY website here


In a small Midwestern town, a tornado touches down on prom night, leaving devastation in its wake—and a third of the town gone. Appearing amidst the rubble is a stranger—who identifies only as “8.” 8 communicates through a unique gestural language and begins to acquire English by reading novels like The Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies and The Grapes of Wrath. But when the students start to learn 8’s language, they threaten to unearth a dark secret that the town’s adults would rather keep buried. Past sins and future hopes collide in this musical about the parts of ourselves we alienate to get by—and the parts we risk for a chance to connect.

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When Andi’s foster mothers are no longer able to discipline her, she is sent to a controversial “boot camp” for troubled teens called “Clean Slate.” There, she meets a number of other campers including an infamous online troll, a non-binary petty thief, a by-the-book athlete and a brilliant science student who also happens to be a pyromaniac. Even more troubling, for Andi, is that the woods appear to be haunted. One night, Andi strikes up a conversation with a mysterious voice emanating from a pile of rocks. She discovers that the voice belongs to a young woman named Cassie who ran away from the Clean Slate program years earlier and has been lost ever since. As the weeks go on, the campers discover that the owners of Clean Slate (a mysterious group called “The Collective”) have decided to build containment centers on the campsite so that incoming campers can never leave. The campers’ only hope of escape depends on finding the lost Cassie and decoding a message hidden in the night sky.

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ILLUMINATE is a myriodrama – A fractured collection of scenes and songs that can be assembled in any order and shared in any medium. Each scene can transition to any other scene in order to further the story. This is a collection of 24 scenes and 12 songs that can be placed in any order to create a unique production. Want to only use half the scenes and all the songs? No problem. Want to perform the music by itself? Want to do the scenes with no music at all? Go for it. Take the material and bend it and shape in whatever way has meaning to you and your ensemble.

THE STORY: Vida is a young woman on the verge of motherhood who is struggling to recover her memory in order to confront her own past. The sky has suddenly grown dark, causing a worldwide crisis. As Vida tries to survive both her own demons and the encroaching darkness, she must navigate the labyrinth of her past and present to create her future.

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