ME: Five more minutes, buddy.

NICK: NO! I want to play!

ME: We’ve been playing in the dirt for a half an hour. We need to walk back home. I have work to do.

NICK: I have to dump out these rocks!

ME: Five more minutes. Seriously.

(Cell phone rings)

ME: (in phone) This is David. Oh… Oh, God. I’m so sorry. Yeah, I knew I had the appointment. It’s on my calendar. I just… I woke up this morning and took Nick… I just forgot. I’m so sorry.

NICK: What’s wrong, daddy? Tell me!

ME: (in phone) I clearly just… I need to figure out my scheduling. I just totally forgot we were supposed to meet. I’m so sorry. There’s a lot going on…

NICK: Dad!

ME: Just a second buddy (in phone) Yeah. I’ll call you back and reschedule. I’m sorry. (hangs up)

NICK: Dad, pick me up.

ME: We have to go home, buddy.


ME: I said five minutes. It’s been five minutes!


ME: Nick, please!


ME: Sorry, bud. I didn’t mean to yell.

NICK: Daddy? It’s okay.

ME: I know.

NICK: I give you a hug.

ME: Okay.

NICK: We can go home now.

ME: Okay.

NICK: You know why you so upset?

ME: Why?

NICK: Because you’re confused about which way to go home. It’s okay. There are two ways to go home.

ME: Okay.

NICK: Walk this way. I know a shortcut.

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