2015-03-17 14.00.17

NICK: Mom?


NICK: Is Easter coming?

ALLISON: Yes. It’s this Sunday.

NICK: Can we do something on Easter?

ALLISON: Sure. What do you want to do?

NICK: Shake my booty.

ALLISON: You want to shake your booty?

NICK: Yeah. I want to shake my booty at you and then you shake your booty at daddy and then daddy shakes his booty at me.

ALLISON: It’s kind of rude to shake your booty AT people. Maybe we could just all shake our booties at the same time but not AT one another.

NICK: Can we do that mom?

ALLISON: Yep. We’ll all shake our booties.

NICK: On Easter?

ALLISON: Sure. Jesus will love that.

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