NICK: Dad?

ME: Yes.

NICK: Have you ever seen anybody die?

ME: Hmmm…No, I haven’t. I’ve never watched anyone die.

NICK: Have you seen people that were already dead?

ME: Yeah. Like at funerals and things.

NICK: What’s that?

ME: Well, when someone dies they put them in a kind of box. It’s like a little bed. And then people look at the person and they say goodbye.

NICK: You saw them?

ME: Several times, yeah.

NICK: Tell me what their skeletons looked like.

ME: I didn’t see their skeletons. They still have their skin and everything.

NICK: What do you see?

ME: They have clothes on. They just look like their sleeping.

NICK: But they’re dead.

ME: Yeah.

NICK: Dad? I’m scared of things that could kill you.

ME: Like what?

NICK: Meteorites.

ME: You don’t have to be scared of meteorites.

NICK: That’s what killed the dinosaurs. And the book says that the meteorites will come again.

ME: Maybe, but not for a really, really long time. Long after we’re all gone.

NICK: We’ll be dead?

ME: Yeah.

NICK: Yeah. And probly all our friends and everyone in our family will be dead.

ME: Yeah.

NICK: And probly even everyone from my t-ball team will be dead.

ME: Yes.

NICK: So I shouldn’t be afraid of meteorites.

ME: No.

NICK: I’m not afraid of them, then.

ME: That’s good because I’m kind of a basket case, right now.


  1. I love this post, and I hate to quibble, but in the part about funerals and people lying in the box, it should read, “They look like they’re sleeping” – not “their sleeping.” 😉

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