John Augustine – the director of PANTHER HOLLOW – has a barn.

It’s true. I’ve seen the barn. It’s next to his house. Also, at one point I heard an old-timey phone ring while we were standing outside and I’m pretty sure he said “That’s the outdoor phone. Because there used to be sheep here.”


More importantly, John is directing Panther Hollow and he’s incredibly funny and has helped me hone the script and give the piece shape that it wouldn’t have otherwise. I am incredibly in his debt and I realized today that I’ve barely mentioned him at all. I think I thought to myself “Oh, this is a guy with a show off-Broadway right now. Also he wrote for TV and has lots of plays and stuff. Surely my little skit isn’t all that important.” My mistake. He’s done an incredible amount of work making sure that I don’t humiliate myself next week. Anyway, here’s to John Augustine. His bio is below. Proud and a wee bit humbled to have him on my side. Also, here’s a link to the show he directed “The Hummingbird Tour” which is running through November 22nd.


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