Dear person I met at the Oakes Center last night that wanted to change the world.

Hi. I’m so sorry that I forgot your name. You told me twice. Anyway, we had a lovely conversation about high school and driving lessons and how you wanted to change the world. I shared our conversation with some friends on Facebook last night and they were very moved. I think what you didn’t quite realize at the time, was that right after you said you thought it was possible to change the world with your words, you proceeded to say things that could change the world. Or, at the very least, change the worlds of some of the people that heard them. So I wrote you this monologue based on our conversation. I hope that’s okay. I’ve fictionalized it a bit. If you hate it, I will take it down. Feel free to use it or give it to your actor friends to use. Tell them the character is happy and optimistic. Her voice never quivers and she doesn’t cry. Here it is…

(ANNIE rushes on stage. She is late for an audition.)

“Hi! Sorry I’m late. Super unprofessional. To be on time, is to be late. Am I right??? I just got my driver’s license so I drove here by myself. I live, like, an hour away. It took forever. I almost failed my driver’s test. The instructor told me to make a K-turn. But instead, I made a U-turn. So she told me “You made a U-turn instead in of a K-turn. I’m going to pass you, but you should always have another adult in the car.” But there was no other adult available. So I drove myself to the audition. I hope I don’t get points knocked off. I’ve acted before but not a lot so it’s okay if I don’t get this part.

Right. So that girl outside asked me if I had a monologue. I looked that up on my phone. (reads her phone) “monologue – a long speech by one actor in a play or movie.” Yeah, I don’t have one of those. I’m not in a play or movie. But there was another definition that says “a long and typically tedious speech by one person during a conversation.” I guess I could do that.

So how’s everybody doing out there in the dark? We solid? Aces. Let me ask you something. What’s everyone’s big dream?


You don’t have any? None of you? That’s weird. Maybe because you’re doing it right now? So you don’t have anymore? Or are you just not allowed to tell me. Okay. Here’s mine. My dream – and I know this is gonna sound stupid because everyone tells me it’s stupid – but I want to change the world. With something. I don’t know how. But with my art, probably. I’m a painter and a sculptor. Gotta have something to fall back on. Anyway, sometimes a picture or a word or something you say can change the world. It’s true. People see something or hear something and it’s the thing that changes everything for them. I want to be the person that makes that thing. Or be one of the people that makes some of those things. My friends think I’m dumb. They say to me “How are you still alive?” Some friends, right? But they have a point. Because with one parent who’s an alcoholic and another one who’s in jail, that should mess you up. But I’m just not gonna let that happen. I’m gonna fight abuse. All kinds of abuse. Of people and children. And some kinds of animal abuse. I’m not gonna fight all animal abuse because I still love bacon and steak is delicious. But a lot of animal abuse I will fight. Because with all the abuse I’ve been through and the physical abuse and the pedophilia and everything, people wonder why I haven’t committed suicide. They’re like “What’s wrong with you, Annie? It makes me uncomfortable that your life is so dark!” And I’m not gonna lie. I’ve thought about it. But here’s the thing, you guys. If you kill yourself, there’s no chance that you’ll ever have a happy ending.

Okay. That’s way longer than two minutes, right? You don’t have to cast me. In fact, don’t. I kind of want to paint and sculpt and maybe write poetry. I hope that’s okay. I’m sure the next person will be good. Ciao!

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