THE ASK – Now available!

First of all, much love and thanks to Martin and Rochelle Denton for giving my one-act plays a home at Indie Theater Now for the past six years. I’m also grateful to Smith & Kraus and Applause for keeping the monologue from “The Ask” in circulation. I’ve loved getting emails from high school and college students all over the world asking about my plays. Thankfully, the Indie Theater Now one acts didn’t go without a home for very long. They’re now all collected in “The Ask (and other similar one-act plays)” which is now available on Amazon. Thanks to Susan Roberts-McWilliams for her crackerjack editing prowess and Nicole Dvorin for her industrious proofreading skills. I wrote the bulk of these plays from 2007 – 2011 and worked with some of my favorite theatre artists in the process. The brilliant Adam Immerwahr helped me find my voice and made sure these were more than just comedy sketches. Jade King Carroll, Nick Anselmo, Chris Mixon and Ron Bopst also directed my work and made it far more eloquent than it is on the page. June Ballinger was my producer and actress extraordinaire. Kacy O’Brien and Angela Duross put tons of work into putting these little skits on stage. Dara Lewis, Charlotte Northeast, Chris Mixon, Kate Brennan, Simon Kendall, Chris Coucill and countless others brought the roles to life. And as always, a special shout out to the Passage Play Lab and my two co-founders Ian August and Hope Gatto who encouraged me to take this writing thing seriously in the first place. Thank you all. Now go buy a copy! It’s only $6.99, for crying out loud! Don’t be such a cheapskate!

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