Me:  Hey, buddy. You just ran out of the magic show. You okay?

Nick: Yeah. Daddy?

Me: Yes.

Nick: Will you walk with me on the beach.

Me: Sure.

Nick: What’s that?

Me: That guy has a metal detector.

Nick: What that do?

Me: It looks for metal and money in the sand. So what’s up, buddy? Why do you feel bad?

Nick: There were some boys in there saying words I can’t say.

Me: What do you mean?

Nick: I can’t say those words. I don’t know how.

Me: Oh. Well that’s why you take speech lessons. So you can learn how. What words did they say?

Nick: I can’t them! I don’t know how!

Me: Right. Sorry.

Nick: Why you ask me that?

Me: Mistake. I’m sorry. It’s okay, Bud. This is why you take those speech lessons. You just have to practice and then you’ll be good at it.

Nick: I think maybe they’re in Kindergarten. But I’m not in Kindergarten yet and maybe that’s why.

Me: That could be it.

Nick: And maybe a long time ago, they couldn’t say those words either.

Me: That’s right. But if you work and practice, then you’ll get better at it. It just takes a while. You work and work until you get better at something.

Nick: Okay. Daddy?

Me: Yes.

Nick: Then I can have a metal detector?


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