Nick: Mommy?

Allison: Yes, Nick?

Nick: Cars don’t have armpits.

Allison: That is correct.


ME: Alright, buddy. It’s bedtime. G’night.

NICK: Daddy? Tell me about mining.

ME: Mining?

NICK: Tell it.

ME: You want me to tell you about mining? Like…when people work in a mine?

NICK: Uh-huh.

ME: I know nothing about mining. It’s late, buddy.

NICK: Uh-huh. Tell it.

ME: I can’t… I have no idea what to tell you about mining.

NICK: Tell about how they explode a hole to make the mine and then there’s a crater and the rain fills the crater with water and it makes a lake.

ME: Nicholas, it’s way past your bedtime.

NICK: Talk about mining.

ME: Okay. They explode a hole and that makes the mine. And there’s a crater or something and when it rains I guess it turns into a lake.

NICK: Why?

ME: I don’t know. What you just told me is literally the only thing I know about mining. I know absolutely nothing more about mining. Everything I know about mining, I learned ten seconds ago.

NICK: Tell about how they do sand mining but then they sell all the sand so the mine closes down.

ME: Nick, honest to God… I have to go to bed.

NICK: Tell it.

ME: They sold all the sand and then they closed the mine. Now go to sleep.

NICK: Good night.

ME: Night, buddy.

NICK: Why did they sell all the sand?

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