NICK: Dad! Come here!

ME: Where are you?

NICK: In the potty!

ME: Oh. Are you okay?

NICK: Yeah!

ME: What do you need?

NICK: Bring me my ninjas!

ME: Your what?

NICK: Bring me my ninjas so I can look at them while I go potty!

ME: You bet. Where are they?

NICK: They’re on the stairs! There’s a ninja on every stair! There’s one on the bottom stair, then another one above that, then another ninja and another ninja, then one in the middle and then another one in the middle and then one on the top and then another one on the top! Go to the stairs and pick up the ninjas from all the stairs! There’s a red one and a yellow one and a green one and a blue one and another blue one! Look for the colors and pick up the ninjas! Then bring them to me in the potty!

ME: Sure.

(One minute later)

ME: Here you go.

NICKS Thanks dad. Put them down right there.

ME: Done. Need anything else?

NICK: Yes, now go away and close the door because I need my privacy.

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