Conversations with Nick about how Batman and Robin are going to put out the fire and save everyone on that carousel.


Scene I – Batman and Robin are at a carousel. There are people riding it and it’s on fire!
Batman (NICK): Robin!
Robin (ME): What is it, Batman?
Batman: The carousel is on fire!
Robin: Oh, no! How did it catch on fire?
Batman: I think, Robin… know what? I think there was a smoker!
Robin: Oh, no. This is why you shouldn’t smoke on the carousel!
Batman: Yeah! Robin, get me some signatures!
Robin: Of who?
Batman: What?
Robin: Whose signatures do you need?
Batman: To put out the fire! I need signatures!
Robin: Extinguishers!
Batman: Extinguishers!
Robin: Where should I get them?
Batman: Party City! Get eight of them!
Robin: I’ll be right back!

SCENE II – Party City
Robin: Hi! I need eight extinguishers! Thanks!

SCENE III – The carousel
Robin: Here you go, Batman! I brought the extinguishers! How’s the fire?
Batman: I put it out with sand!
Robin: Great! But now there are people trapped on the carousel! How will we get them down?
Batman: I don’t know! They need food! Go to WaWa!
Robin: What should I get?
Batman: Sandwiches with turkey, avocado and pickles!
Robin: How many?
Batman: Wait, I have to count! One, two, three, four, seven, sixteen, seventeen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-three!
Robin: So twenty-three sandwiches from WaWa! Turkey with avocado and pickles! Tell everyone it’s going to be okay!
Batman: It’s going to be okay! We’re bringing you sandwiches!

Scene IV – WaWa
Robin: I need twenty-three sandwiches! Turkey with avocado and pickles!
(Batman enters)
Batman: And get some smoothies!
Robin: And twenty-three smoothies!

Scene V – The carousel
Robin: Did you get them down Batman?
Batman: No. It needs a new motor.
Robin: How will we get the food to the people?
Batman: Go up in the Bat-Copter and put it on a rope!
Robin: Okay!

Scene VI
(Robin goes up in the helicopter and lowers food to everyone)
Robin: Here are some turkey sandwiches with avocado and pickles!
Trapped People: Thanks!

Scene VII
Robin: Did you fix the motor?
Batman: No! I need a new motor!
Robin: Where should I get it?
Batman: WaWa has motors!
Robin: Okay! I feel like I’m doing all the work!
Batman: Yeah!

Scene VIII – The WaWa
Robin: Hi! I need a motor!
(Batman enters)
Batman: And more sandwiches!
Robin: And twenty-three more sandwiches with turkey and avocado and pickles! But remember the motor!

Scene IX – The Carousel
Robin: Here’s the motor!
Batman: Thank you!
Robin: Can you put it in?
Batman: I need a screwdriver!
Robin: You’re going to make me go somewhere to buy a screwdriver, aren’t you?
Batman: Go to Party City!

Scene X – Party City
Robin: Hi! I need a screwdriver that fixes motors! Thanks!

Scene XI – The Carousel
Robin: Here’s the screwdriver! Now can you fix the motor?
Batman: Yeah! (pause) Okay, I fixed it!
Robin: Yay! Now all the people can get down! Nice job, Batman!
Batman: High-Five!

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