NICK: Dad?

ME: Yes.

NICK: Let me hold Jessie’s leash.

ME: Don’t, buddy. Because she’s really pulling a lot and I don’t want her to pull you over onto the sidewalk.

NICK: But I want to help you walk her.

ME: I know, but…Nick…seriously. Let go of the leash.

NICK: I’m helping you walk Jessie.

ME: I know. But she’s running all over the place and…Nick…really…let go of the leash.

NICK: I’m helping.

ME: It’s not helping. It’s making it worse. Let go.

NICK: Let me help.

ME: No. Nick –

NICK: I want to.

ME: Nick, I said no.

NICK: But I want to.

ME: No Nick.

NICK: I want to, daddy.

ME: NO, NICK! Stop it! Why are you doing that? Cooperate with me, okay?? Do what I tell you to do!

NICK: Dad –

ME: Don’t “dad” me! I told you to let go and you refused! You have to do what I tell you to do! She could have pulled you over and it’s too dangerous! Stop ignoring me when I tell you to do something! You have to learn how to cooperate better! I’m so tired of this!


NICK: Okay.

ME: Come on. It’s cold. Let’s go home.


NICK: If you don’t like me anymore, dad, that’s okay.

ME: Nick…of course I… I love you, okay? I just… that was really frustrating.

NICK: Okay.

ME: I’m sorry I yelled.

NICK: Okay. Sorry, dad.

ME: Okay. Want to hold my hand?

NICK: Yeah.

ME: Let’s go home, okay?

NICK: Okay.

(long pause)

NICK: Dad?

ME: Yes.

NICK: You know in “Cars 2” when Luigi’s face gets all big and crazy?

ME: Why does his face get all crazy?

NICK: Because Tomater is leaving and so Luigi cries.

ME: Why does he cry?

NICK: Because he’s thinking about how he doesn’t want him to leave and he loves him and doesn’t ever want him to go.

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