NICK: When a person dies, does their house fall down?

ME: No. Even after someone dies, their house is still there.

NICK: Why?

ME: Well, houses don’t die. They can get torn down or something but they aren’t really alive.

NICK: So what happens to the houses?

ME: Well, sometimes if someone dies, their kids might move into the house and live there. Or they might sell the house to someone else.

NICK: Hmm.

ME: You like our house, don’t you?

NICK: Yeah.

ME: You want to live in it forever?

NICK: I don’t knooooww…

ME: You want us to find another house some day?

NICK: I just want to go where you and mommy go. I want to go with you guys.

ME: Oh, you will. We wouldn’t just leave you in the house.

NICK: Yeah. Because you know what? Little people can’t really take care of themself.

ME: You wouldn’t have to take care of yourself. Mommy and I would take you to the new house.

NICK: Yeah. Cause I can’t live out of the house until I’m like fifteen.

ME: I didn’t move out of my house until I was eighteen.

NICK: What? Wow. Dad?

ME: Yes.

NICK: Why did you marry mommy?

ME: I fell in love with her.

NICK: Why?

ME: Well, we went to dinner one night and I liked her and she liked me so we decided to go to dinner again. And then we…you know…just kept going to dinner. There were a lot of dinners. Eventually, we just started having dinner together all the time.

NICK: And then your mommy and daddy didn’t take care of you anymore because mommy took care of you.

ME: Well, we all take care of each other. That’s the way that’s supposed to work.

NICK: Well I’m not gonna get married. Even when I’m a grown up. I’m just gonna stay with you guys forever.

ME: Oh, I think someday you’ll meet someone you want to marry.

NICK: (sticks out tongue) PBFT!


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